Expertise Mapping™ for corporate law firms.

The most efficient way of identifying, developing and valuing your best lawyers.

Objectively measure your firm’s most valuable asset - The expertise of its legal specialists.

Generate firm-wide analytics for assessing and developing your lawyers and legal teams.

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Attract and retain world-class clients with profoundly more transparent lawyer profiles.

Who we are

Meisterline® is a global expertise management platform helping the world's best law firms exceed the expectations of their most demanding clients.

Using scientific methodologies to assess attorneys at all levels across different practice areas, we’re changing how law firm partners and Human Resources managers identify, develop and value exceptional legal talent.

How does it work?

Create and customise your firm's Meisterline® dashboard, then send out assessment keys to your junior and senior legal specialists.

Analyse their assessment results on an individual and firm-wide basis, with MeisterCurve™ expertise profiles and detailed expertise maps.

Develop more effective professional training programs - and demonstrate objectively to clients the expertise of your lawyers.







Map your law firm’s expertise

"Meisterline® Expertise Mapping™ uses cognitive modelling and proprietary algorithms to measure your lawyers’ expertise on the Meisterline® Index™, a 6-Band scale developed by a lawyer and cognitive scientist, and a former NASA physicist.

Science-based and tested on attorneys from over 100 of the world’s leading law firms, our calibrated results provide an objective assessment of each lawyer’s skills and abilities in specific practice areas.

You’ll receive detailed MeisterCurve™ expertise profiles, Professional Development priorities, mentoring guides and Human Resources reference materials for every lawyer assessed.

Customise your firm’s Meisterline® dashboard to analyse and compare lawyers, legal departments and offices, with your own Professional Development and comparative metrics.

Show current and prospective clients that your firm has the expertise they need based on hard, quantifiable data - not mere marketing hype, peer recommendations or subjective gut feel."

Dr Peter Macmillan, Founder & CEO, Meisterline®

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